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We help to make you fitter, slimmer happier and healthier, whilst having a bit of fun.

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Lost 60 pounds
I have been pushed beyond any limits I thought I had and is hands down the best training I have ever done even more so now basecamp has arrived. The atmosphere and support you find from everyone else in classes is what spurs you on to improve and become the best you can!
Stephen Scott
It has taken me 13 years to finally find some balance and happiness with myself, and ODFC is where I find it. Many pounds gone, small sized clothing purchased, I am in the best place I've been for a very long time thank to ODFC Fitness!
Lisa Woodhall
Dropped 10 Dress sizes
Two years later, and I have gone from 15st and size 18-20, to 9st 13lbs and size 10, and it feels amazing. I couldn't have done it without the help of the fantastic instructors at ODFC.
Claire Watson
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